Meet the Founder

My name is Julius Scroggins, and I am the owner and founder of LC Credit Repair, LLC. I grew up in Merrillville, IN, finally settling down in Panama City, FL after 8 years of serving active duty in the United States Air Force.

In my early 20's, I had no idea how to properly manage my money. I went to Indiana University for 2 years, scraping by on ramen and easy mac. When I was 21, I joined the Air Force and never looked back. I thought I had life figured out, until I quickly realized I didn't. Keeping up with my Air Force buddies and spending my entire paychecks on nonsense, prioritizing my monthly bills last landed me with multiple collection calls leaving me resistant to answer any calls unless I had the number saved. 

I was living paycheck to paycheck, with little to no savings. At one point I needed car repairs but lacked the funds, so my mechanic patched it together with disposable gloves and duct tape and told me to return when I could pay. I struggled getting by and fell behind, resulting in defaulted loans and a credit score in the 500s.

When I found out my wife was pregnant with our first child, I knew I had to get my life right. I was denied every single finance application I submitted. I couldn't even qualify for a secured credit card. I was desperate to turn my life around and come up with a solution, and that's when I learned how to repair my credit. I obsessed with learning anything and everything about credit repair. I became certified, repaired my credit and realized that I can also help thousands of others that are in the same situation I was in, if not worse.

I'm not telling you my story as sympathy, I'm telling it as a real example that I'm no one special. I'm someone with real life struggles and financial hardships just like you. If someone told me 2 years ago that I would not only own my own business, but own a credit repair business, I would have told them they were insane. I never intentionally sought out to start a credit repair and counseling business, this business found me, and I'm so thankful it did. 

Let me guide you on your path to financial freedom. If I can get there, you can too. I look forward to going on this journey with you!

    Julius Scroggins, Founder, Board Certified Credit Specialist


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